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Hello And Welcome

Thank you for coming to We are a small community of tech people currently attending ITT Tech. We are making this site to be a good source of information for the super tech to the complete new person. We are a part of a club at out school and we decided that while we help people at school why not expand that to the internet. So here we are trying to make this place home in our little corner of the web.

Now i am sure you are asking yourself what makes this site so special from all the other ones. Well very simply put we are a group ranging from new people to experienced people, from regular users to programmers to security specialist. With that being said we are all gonna try and give you our input on the site. So that means you are gonna get different views on alot of topics. That way we can help you better as a whole and get your answers figured out.

Also like the computer world this site is a constant work in progress. I will be working on more features to both the site and the forum as i work out all the bugs and new tools are released.